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Re: HarperCollins update

Subject: Re: HarperCollins update
by Stu on 2009/3/13 16:42:20

I believe that David Brawn had already stated GBP 250 and 500 copies some weeks ago (according to article on Beren's site), so this isn't really any kind of surprise.

In truth, I think the "discounted from GBP 350 for a limited time only" claim is just to make it seem like you are already getting a discount ("quick! buy now!!"), but in reality GBP 250 is the *undiscounted* base price. It's a (fairly obvious) obvious strategy to try to mitigate the risk of potential buyers sitting and waiting things out, given HCs track record of on again/off again 30% discounting. Long term, I suspect the selling price will be in the GBP 175 region (30% off the GBP 250).

Really, this reservation is just marketing and they are trying to get an idea of the size of the interest. If I was them, I would probably follow exactly this strategy.

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