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Re: HarperCollins update

Subject: Re: HarperCollins update
by remy on 2009/3/15 12:29:45

With reference to Tree and Leaf (from a couple of posts ago).

I found the book at http://www.bookdepository.co.uk/ and discounted also and with Free Worldwide Delivery (for me 6.20 Euros delivered).

It is probably available on Amazon, but as Amazon have not updated the stock photo, it is hard to be certain.

In any case, The Book Depository (who actually also sell on Amazon as a 3rd Party Seller) seems to be a good deal, especially with the Free Delivery.

Just placed the order, so have not received the book yet, but I have ordered from them before (but through Amazon as I did not know they had their own website) - and all was well with previous orders.

Anyway, just thought this information may be useful for buyers outside the UK as with a weak sterling and free worldwide delivery, it makes purchasing from them quite economical (and cheaper than ordering through Harpercollins own website also - even with the 30% discount).

They seem to have pretty much the full range of Tolkien Editions available also.
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