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Re: Sigurd and Gudrun Deluxe

Subject: Re: Sigurd and Gudrun Deluxe
by Stu on 2009/5/10 20:25:12

>Altho' (Stu) you'd probably prefer if Tolkien was in someone else's stable!

Nah, I don't mind them THAT much :) They seem to - for the most part - do a reasonable job of producing the actual books (certainly as well as any other publisher would these days). They just need to stop pretending to be a retailer, as they just haven't really got the skills or the systems to be one. And they need to shoot the guy who does their "website" (inverted commas purely because it isn't a website, so much as an online catalog with a payment provider link).

Once they have shot him, they need to reanimate him and shoot him again. Wash, rinse, repeat.
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