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Re: Arda Reconstructed

Subject: Re: Arda Reconstructed
by Stu on 2011/6/30 1:58:55

>The Book Depository prices seem to have gone up. The cheapest UK price for the Pb still seems to be on Amazon, currently available to pre-order

A good thing to remember with the Book Depository is that their prices not only vary between their ".com" and ".co.uk" domains, but they also price-discriminate based on the IP address of the browser. This is how they claim to have "Free shipping". It isn't, they simply roll it into the price they show to you based on where they think you will *most likely* be delivering to.

Essentially this means that if your IP Address (or the IP Address of your proxy) is a UK one (at the time you add your first item into the basket), you will generally get a lower price than if you are somewhere else in the world. Sometimes the difference can be quite significant.

(It also means that if you live in the UK and work for a multinational that has proxies in the US, and you order from work, you might be getting inadvertently screwed!)

The other thing with BD is that you can pretty much always wangle a 10% discount voucher.

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