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Re: 1991 HarperCollins Hardback Slipcase Lord of the Rings

Subject: Re: 1991 HarperCollins Hardback Slipcase Lord of the Rings
by Khamûl on 2009/11/9 3:04:18

Not that this side discussion matters a jot (the bibliographical enquiry is of the uppermost importance here!...), but I take it the original auction (for £220) was for the same books? (With no 'Sold for' I take it this was unsold & relisted? -sometimes a little unclear with old eBay auctions.)

Last copy I have noted is October this year; that set went for £87. And before that (I'm looking back in my notebook quite far here...) looks like June 2008: £36! I seem to remember bidding on that one...

Anyway, hope those prices make you feel better! Having said all this, there really are still some bargains to be had on old eBay; probably even more if we weren't all bidding against each other! Ahh, for the days, when you could see who you were bidding against. Still, the 'wonders' of eBay are far more wonderful (in price terms) than anything on Abebooks...

Apologies for the interuption, do go on...

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