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Re: UK HOME Hardback Reissues

Subject: Re: UK HOME Hardback Reissues
by Trotter on 2010/6/4 23:55:19

Stu I'd be interested to hear a review from someone who has purchased a volume containing colour plates.

I bought a copy of the POD version of Sauron Defeated and am able to compare it with the first edition.

The dust jacket is a different colour to the original (the original cover is a burgundy, the new cover is brown and is lighter in colour than the cover of BOLT2). This is probably due to the new printing process.

The barcode on the rear of the cover is about twice as big on this copy. I don't understand why these books have barcodes on them as they are printed to order, and I can't see any purpose that they serve

The colour plates in the book are darker in the new book, but the quality of the reproduction is just as good as the original book.

The copyright information shows

This edition published by HarperCollinsPublishers 2010

I can't imagine that the number line would ever change with these books.

The most obvious difference between the books are that the binding of the book is now black (the original binding is the same colour as the dust jacket). This is the same as the POD Index and I am assuming that all the POD History of Middle-Earth books have black bindings.

Overall though I am very impressed with these books.
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