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Re: UK HOME Hardback Reissues

Subject: Re: UK HOME Hardback Reissues
by Stu on 2010/7/10 17:37:14

Trotter wrote:

I can't agree with David Brawn's comments that "a production problem resulted in the heights of the three volumes being marginally different". The books vary considerably in width and height between the three editions. It would have been very difficult to make a slipcase that housed the three books, you would have needed some sort of padding to stop the books falling out.

Actually the books themselves only differ in height quite marginally. I think my volume and 1,2 and 3 only differ in height by 1-1.5mm or so (from shortest to tallest). The real issue in height on these volumes is all down to the different construction of the slipcases, which exaggerates the differences hugely. It would be quite easy to make a slipcase housing all three that would look "OK", but not great (especially when also taking into account the different profiles of the spines). This is evidently what HC found, so they decided not to bother.

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