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Re: Looking for info on map/poster

Subject: Re: Looking for info on map/poster
by Lawrence on 2010/4/23 15:24:46

Thanks Jeremy,

Here are the bottom corners:

Open in new window

Open in new window

As you can see, what I assume to be the price (from other photos I've found online) has been blacked out with a marker, but you can just make out the "49" at the end of it.

There is a piece missing on the left side, as well as a few tears. The largest of which is on the left side about 1/4 of the way up. It's about 1.5". The couple others are less than half an inch. I'll get more detailed photos before I make this available.

I could have come rolled originally, but I remember it being folded when I got it as a kid. The folding doesn't seem to be very exact -- i.e. it doesn't fold exactly square. It seems like if it was being folded "professionally" it would have been done better, but perhaps the original folding was better and it has just been badly refolded since then? The blacked out price might also be indicative of a fan club mailing though -- hiding the price for people who received it as part of their membership?

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