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A decent way to pick up the Folio editions

Subject: A decent way to pick up the Folio editions
by bruffyboy on 2010/7/23 12:21:46

Hi everyone,
I have long liked the look of the folio editions of Tolkien books, but the UK site only has the Hobbit available right now, and second hand sellers all seem to be in used condition.

Something that has peeved me for a good 12 months is how the US Folio site has an introductory offer where you can get LOTR, Hobbit and Silmarillion for $10: http://foliosociety.org.uk/folio/tolkien.php

Now what's to stop me from getting someone in America to sign up for this offer, then complete the membership by (for example) buying 4 more Tolkien's (Hobbit perhaps) all of which I pay for. Next they post over to me, and I sell the 4 Hobbits and keep the rest?

Possible issues:
1) Would these US editions be any different to the UK editions? They look the same but I'm guessing they would differ in some way.

Or am I just crazy, and should I just keep an eye out for nice copies here in the UK on ebay etc?

Thanks again
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