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Re: A decent way to pick up the Folio editions

Subject: Re: A decent way to pick up the Folio editions
by Khamûl on 2010/7/30 4:43:07

(I know I already mentioned this to you bruffyboy...) While the HarperCollins J. R. R. Tolkien Collection is a nice slipcased collection, it is now not in it's first release format; if you care about this.

According to Beren, who I would think was informed by the publishers, only about 50 of the '1 of 500' actually had the original impression combination: all 1st impressions, LotRs 2nd impression. The remaining assembled sets (of 500) all had a 3rd impression of LotRs. Additionally these were all sold out (--which as I think about it, actually sounds quite unlikely, but...) The sets now on sale are more than likely another 500; only CoH and The Silmarillion are likely to be 1st impressions. The Hobbit is likely a 3rd imp. or later; LotRs 4th or 5th imp.

£140 was a very good deal at the time. Unfortunately most people probably had all the books anyway...

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