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Value of these books?

Subject: Value of these books?
by bruffyboy on 2010/8/3 3:06:38

Hi everyone,
Today I took delivery of two books from the Harper Collins deluxe range (the partial leather slipcased editions which consisted of the hobbit, lotr, silmarillion and first three books of HoME).

I have The Silmarillion deluxe edition isbn: 0007136609 and The Lord of the Rings deluxe edition isbn 0261103687

Both books are shrink wrapped and in mint condition. I paid £150 for the pair including delivery. This put me way over my spending budget this month but I just couldn't resist them, and I suppose what I am looking for is some input on the value. It's not that I am going to sell them, but if they are agreed to be a good price, then I would feel a bit better about myself!

One problem is that I don't know which impression of LOTR I have. I know from tolkienbooks.net that it is the 2001 edition, but is there any way of knowing the impression, and does it even matter much? I think i am right in saying there was only one edition of the silmarillion issued, so no infusion there.

If it helps, the LOTR sticker has the price of £100 and then the barcode. This is different to the silmarillion, where the sticker actually states 'the silmarillion deluxe edition'.

I can sort out pics if they would be helpful.

Thanks in advance
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