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Re: Super Deluxe values

Subject: Re: Super Deluxe values
by bruffyboy on 2010/8/18 11:30:32

by Khamul on 2010/8/18 10:44:46

The going rate on eBay for S&G would appear to be £170...

The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrún - Deluxe Edition

With the £7.50 postage my estimation of £180 wasn't too bad then! However, I think that price may be misleading as that auction was quite badly listed (in my opinion). For a start, it didn't have 'Tolkien' in the title, so it would only have been found through literally searching for 'Sigurd and Gudrun'. Likewise a casual spectator may not have realised it was the 'Super Deluxe', as it was listed simply as 'deluxe'. Also, the seller described it as 'in publishers packaging', when actually it was shrinkwrapped and sealed (which I think would have caught more attention as I assumed it was just a case of 'we still have the box'. With all that in mind, I would like to think the book was worth a bit more in reality.

Here's a way of finding out - would people here be brave enough to, like I did, post what THEY would realistically be willing to pay for these books right now. As I say, £250 for CoH and £180 for S&G would be my prices - anyone care to join in?