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Re: Super Deluxe values

Subject: Re: Super Deluxe values
by laurel on 2011/1/2 1:58:33

A great discussion
Alpingloin said 'My general view of market value is very simple. Something is worth exactly what someone is willing to pay at a given time and place'.

This will remain the comment for me although all others before are neither wrong nor right. With auctions of course you generally take a gamble and with ebay this can indeed be madness but I do find this as thrilling to watch as actually going to an auction itself of which I have attended many.

I feel a lot does revolve around expectations of both the seller and buyer and naturally these do not always align or even be close. For example how many times have you seen a Tolkien item listed at what seems a very high price on ebay. Then in the text they state something like ' these are selling on Abe for XYZ'. Rubbish- they are not selling but are being advertised and are likely to not even achieve anywhere near the high price asked.

A factor that self fuels this behaviour is in my mind the exceptional sales that we all sometimes see and hear about. These often seem to give sellers a 'dream' that they will achieve these 'high' figures and thus they go for it. I am not saying this is wrong and if you have the money and time to wait/hope/pray for that buyer who wants item tomorrow then why not.

How I look at it is that if we didn’t have all these variables/methods of selling and our own individual thoughts then matching items would be all be a very similar price and you wouldnt see the huge differences in the market.

What I like about books is they are not all the same and no doubt lots of us hunt out that perfect Silmarillion or one signed by Christopher. Would I pay extra for that copy - Yes of course but how much? Answers on a postcard too .........
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