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Re: What should I spend my £100 on- just for fun

Subject: Re: What should I spend my £100 on- just for fun
by laurel on 2010/9/6 4:06:56

another good debate

I agree with Khamul. The RoK would be my choice. This being said I personally would rather save my money until i could afford a first impression (can get for £300 with wrapper if patient) or maybe buy a first w/o a d/w (circa £50) and then get a copy d/w (circa £25) to complete. I know the latter is not everyones cup of tea but with a different option.

'Sometimes it's worthwhile buying the rarities when the opportunity arises'

Great advise and dont hesitate. I have lost out on some great offers including a 1963 deluxe LOTR set for £400 only last year because i messed around. So if ROK is a good buy go for it.
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