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Re: Essais de Philologie Moderne (1951)

Subject: Re: Essais de Philologie Moderne (1951)
by Trotter on 2010/9/6 11:39:58

I think the correct term is "untrimmed", most modern books are made of octavo sheets (8vo) which were trimmed at the top.

Wikipedia Octavo (abbreviated 8vo or 8°) is a technical term describing the format of a book, which refers to the size of leaves produced from folding a full sheet of paper on which multiple pages of text were printed to form the individual sections (or gatherings) of a book. An octavo is a book or pamphlet made up of one or more full sheets of paper on which 16 pages of text were printed, which were then folded three times to produce eight leaves. Each leaf of an octavo book thus represents one eighth the size of the original sheet.

Most modern books are still described as "8vo" even if they have nothing to do with the above description in the way they are currently printed.


Some US books were not trimmed (do not know why), and it looks like these were also not trimmed properly, not ideal for a reader as it is impossible to read without trimming the top.