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Re: Essais de Philologie Moderne (1951)

Subject: Re: Essais de Philologie Moderne (1951)
by Onónion on 2010/9/6 11:55:02

Thanks for your enlightening responses, all of you.
Untrimmed it is then!
And finally I know what '8vo' stands for. I've have come across the term several times but I didn't know what it meant (I don't know why I didn't look it up ).

How about your copies, Gawain and Trotter (and the others who read this, of course)? Are they too untrimmed, like Laurel's and mine?
If find it somewhat annoying that I can't read Tolkien's essay properly...

edit/ I found out that untrimmed, uncut and Deckle Edge actually mean the same thing, i.e. pages that are not cut, with rough edges. The first edition of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is like this for example (well, at least my copy is).
So I don't know if there really is a clear and specific term for the 'phenomenon' I was looking for. Perhaps untrimmed and uncut are the terms that best describe it3
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