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Re: Essais de Philologie Moderne (1951)

Subject: Re: Essais de Philologie Moderne (1951)
by garm on 2010/9/6 14:54:23

I have only an offprint of Tolkien' s 'Middle English Losenger', so I can't compare either.

Interesting to learn of the expression 'deckle edges'. Nice word, 'deckle'. I've come across this before once or twice, in my collection *rummages around* - here we are; Adrien Bonjour's 'Twelve Beowulf Papers 1940-1960'. (published 1962). I had to cut the edges in order to access the essays I wanted to read. I was shown how to do this by a book-dealer; it's not for the faint-hearted, and I wouldn't do it to a 1st ed. Gawain! (mine, complete with dust-wrapper dated April 1925, fortunately came to me in a cut form).

The way to do it, mes enfants, is a very quick and bold slice using a steel rule. Indecisiveness causes tears (and tears!) So be warned: if you want it done to something fancy, take it to a bookbinder.

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