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Re: 1990 Unwin Hyman Deluxe LotR/Hobbit Question

Subject: Re: 1990 Unwin Hyman Deluxe LotR/Hobbit Question
by Findegil on 2010/12/5 20:02:39

My best guess has always been that Unwin had a few remaining boxes from the 10th impression and used those up on a portion of the 11th, as opposed to scrapping them. Can anyone confirm this notion? Has anyone else ever seen this book issued in a box? Has anyone seen the corresponding year's Deluxe Hobbit in a box?

Our copies of the 1990 deluxe Unwin Hyman Lord of the Rings and Hobbit are in slipcases. We have never seen that LR in a box. It could well be that Unwin Hyman used excess boxes rather than slipcases for some copies. Or (probably less likely as more complex) it could be that the book in question came from a dealer who had it without the slipcase, or with a damaged slipcase, and put it in a stray deluxe box instead. Allen & Unwin's LR box cover label didn't include their imprint, so Unwin Hyman could have taken it up without change.

Wayne & Christina
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