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Re: New super deluxe editions

Subject: Re: New super deluxe editions
by Elwë on 2011/1/14 20:09:07

One more thought...

The publication of any new works is an interesting topic (and, all of this has been discussed in a previous thread, I am sure). Long now has Christopher Tolkien worked to bring as much as possible of his father's writing to light. While I certainly hope it is not soon at all, there will come a time when Christopher is not around to drive the publication of new materials. If there are any unpublished/incomplete works still there, I would vastly prefer to see them edited and brought to light by Christopher. He is simply the authority when it comes to his father's writing. I know that Tolkien's grandson will control editing rights eventually, but there is simply no way that anyone can carry on as Christopher has. His contributions have been nothing short of tremendous.

Just a thought...
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