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HoME Deluxe slipcased [THREE vol. in ONE slipcase]

Subject: HoME Deluxe slipcased [THREE vol. in ONE slipcase]
by boneschops on 2011/2/9 13:03:15

These just arrived today and in reference to this
HoMe Deluxe Slipcase thread I thought I'd share some pics.

I have to say I'm delighted to have these at last (especially with the slipcase) as I did wait for ages when they were first released as word was they were going to be released as a 3 volume set, but never were and having waited so long I ended up not being able to get them anyway.

As you can see from the pics they do fit the slipcase but the 3rd volume was really a little too wide to fit without risking damage.
The box even came in the original box/wrapping from harper collins, which I thought was cool after all this time.

Anyway here are the pics:

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
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