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Re: Silmarillion bookplate

Subject: Re: Silmarillion bookplate
by Trotter on 2011/2/22 13:22:44

Not a good answer to my question, I am now more suspicious of these items

I have not seen these signed labels before, can you give any more information on the event that you got them from?

The event was the Fellowship Festival in England (I forgot which one of them) and they are pretty unique as they are sorta business cards stuck into the books. It was Royd Tolkien that brought them, he got his granddad Christopher to sign them as he couldnt come. I have completely forgotten who the other autograph belongs to :( I think in all there were only like 10? Maybe 20? The convention (Fellowship Festival) is not done anymore as the one who did the others sorta didnt pay the actors as promised or something like that. There is no official site for it.

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