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Re: New Book Releases

Subject: Re: New Book Releases
by Stu on 2013/4/24 16:15:42

Morgan wrote:
You'll all have heard about this by now, but unfortunately the news spread in the Tolkien circles based on a link to a dubious newspaper article. This is the link to the original source (and I feel sorry for Dr Brown who got so much bad publicity for what appears to be mere invention by the author of the newspaper article):


My question:

As I have never attempted to do the following -- is it possible to purchase a copy of a PhD thesis (i.e., Sara Brown's thesis)? A thesis is a public document, right? How would I proceed?

If it is anything like the dissertation for my Bachelors, we had to provide two bound copies (bound specifically according to the requirements of the University), and one copy was returned after marking, and the other was lodged with the University library. I can't remember whether copyright was transferred to the University or if it remained with the author. I expect the library copy was shredded years ago, as they were mostly only of interest to future students working on their own dissertations.
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