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Re: Signed, First-Edition ‘Hobbit’ on ‘Antiques Roadshow’

Subject: Re: Signed, First-Edition ‘Hobbit’ on ‘Antiques Roadshow’
by Stu on 2011/6/20 1:34:02

I must admit, I probably wouldn't classify myself as being someone whose "dreams are shattered" by such high prices. I guess I *could* pay 50,000 for a Hobbit if I really wanted to, but the truth is that I personally wouldn't pay 5000 for a copy, never mind 50,000 (other than to quickly on-sell for a fast buck, I suppose).

I do undoubtedly enjoy my (fairly small) book collection, but there is nothing at all worth more than about 500 pounds (and most much less than that). I tend to think that if a book costs more than a day or two's earnings, I probably won't enjoy it enough relative to how much I didn't enjoy earning the money! And I really don't enjoy earning money.

I don't buy into the global recession/depression having a positive effect on the "high-end" book prices. Art has not traditionally done well under such circumstances. Fiat currency probably isn't going to do well, either, mind.

I really look forward to the facsimile edition that comes out next year, though. More my price bracket, I think…!