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Re: Signed, First-Edition ‘Hobbit’ on ‘Antiques Roadshow’

Subject: Re: Signed, First-Edition ‘Hobbit’ on ‘Antiques Roadshow’
by Beren on 2011/6/20 1:53:11

You are a collector to my heart! But you already know that, right!
I'm holding on some of the really unique items, but since I need to make a living as well I have been selling as well (especially other people's treasures!).

My own collection is rather big, but i intend to sell of 95% of it and just keep the books that I treasure and consider to be my true collection (this is mainly books from Tolkien's personal library and some books that have a story that is more important then the value of the item).

I'm also very much looking forward to see the facsimile edition and in the mean time I enjoy discovering rarities (not buying any, but just gathering the info about it) and that is also a way to collect.