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Re: 1973 Hobbit Collectors Edition Trade vs Book Club

Subject: Re: 1973 Hobbit Collectors Edition Trade vs Book Club
by Mediokrates on 2011/7/8 16:17:43

Thanks FreiWild,

That's a nice book you have there if its in any kind of decent condition!

I'm inclined to think mine is the trade...

but more than anything else, that gutter code has me curious.
I've found nothing about a gutter code for either version of the collector's edition.

I'm also curious about the copyright page now. The example of yours indicates Collectors Edition, unlike mine or any other copy I've seen that wasn't a first printing.

I've never seen a 2nd printing, so I don't know if it will include that part, but as well, I've seen all sorts of later printings from 7 up, where the printing was indicated numerically, rather than spelled out.
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