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Re: Current Super Deluxe titles from HarperCollins

Subject: Re: Current Super Deluxe titles from HarperCollins
by remy on 2011/9/18 0:09:31

Khamul wrote:
Slightly off topic, but I was discussing with another member how cheaply you could get hold of a Super Deluxe CoH --I know everyone here probably have the number of copies they want, but has anyone noticed the dealer (evo_gb) selling new copies (with the more than 10 copies available statement) for £205.36, with free postage? This is the cheapest price, I think, available (has anyone seen cheaper, newer copies?) --makes you wonder at the margin, & what kind of deal they struck with HarperCollins (--possibly striking deals for some of the last copies?)


Maybe you can get it for £205.36, but I have my doubts. I feel that this seller lists in print books automatically and does not hold stock. The book depository certainly do something similliar.

A number of times, I have tried to order some of the HoME POD's from the Book depository (which sometimes show as available), but each time my order has been cancelled. While I cannot say for certain, my feeling is that this may be the case with the dealer evo_gb
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