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Re: The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrún (Super Deluxe Edition 2009)

Subject: Re: The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrún (Super Deluxe Edition 2009)
by Stu on 2012/1/15 16:29:24

Khamul wrote:
I'm inclined to think this too Stu --but there have been some surprising prices lately (& quite consistently too) on old eBay. People have been paying, what I feel, are quite high prices for fairly non-scarce titles. I note Silmarillion prices, obviously --& standard 1977 editions seem to be trading a little higher than you'd expect. Don't know... I suppose the bottom might really fall out of some parts of the book market.


I see the odd items going for more than expected (including some of the earlier HC Super Deluxe titles), but for the most part things seem to be dropping. A good example would be the Deluxe HoME books - these are going for way less than 5 years ago. Really high-end items (in the multi-thousands) might not be affected much because those were always purchased by people with more money than brain cells, and those people tend to still have more money than brain cells. I challenge anyone to really see the value of a piece of paper being in the thousands of pounds because someone wrote took a few *seconds* to scribble their name on it. The mid-range stuff seems to be dropping a lot, and the books that are not well priced just sit on eBay month after month.

I'm just enjoying chasing the low-end stuff. Cheap books that are fun to chase and don't hurt the wallet :)
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