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Re: Tolkien US Editions

Subject: Re: Tolkien US Editions
by Urulöké on 2011/10/7 11:14:15

For Easton Press:

Currently only the "Classics" (Hobbit, LOTR, Silmarillion 5 book set) is available from them, though they bring back the other editions occasionally when demand warrants. They are priced at $69 each ($345 for the set of five) including free shipping to the USA.


They only ship to the USA, so if any of you international TCG folk are interested, please contact me and we can work out an order with me in the middle - just need you to cover CC or PayPal fees and shipping.

I usually see these listed (and selling) on eBay for around $100 each, but if you keep your eyes out you can get most of them for $50 or so.

I have had most of these at one point or another, but have not held on to any copies. They are a reasonable binding and good quality materials, but since there is no limitation (they just keep making more and more with no printing indications) they will never become "scarce" - I figure if I want a nice set, I will still be able to get one ten years from now for the same price, so I use my space for other books.

For a complete list of Easton Press Tolkien books:
http://www.tolkienguide.com/modules/w ... dex.php?page=Easton+Press