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Tolkien Monogram

Subject: Tolkien Monogram
by Khamûl on 2011/10/7 7:27:35

I'm slightly muddled here. I bought some slipcases from DM a few months back & was meticulous in my choice of what stamped designs should appear on what slipcase etc --if only I'd half a clue as to what I was talking about!

I was saying I didn't really like the use of the JRRT monogram on slipcases for early LR sets, for example --as this wasn't really in keeping with the era of the books themselves. (I also didn't really like the idea of Tolkien's ring device being on a slipcase intended for a RU set --as, again, this didn't really sit well with the books [or jackets in this case] that were going into it.) I felt the monogram was anachronistic.

Granted, Tolkien was using the monogram himself, and late slipcases aren't meant to look like they came with the books --(or a least I don't want them to.) But it had me thinking: when, exactly, did the monogram device start being used? For some reason (when talking to David) I kept thinking it was a HarperCollins thing (especially with them always referencing it on the copyright page) --but clearly this is rubbish, as it is on all the UK HoME jackets & Letters. Is the jacket of Letters the earliest example?