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Re: typo/misprint in foreword of "Sauron Defeated"

Subject: Re: typo/misprint in foreword of "Sauron Defeated"
by felagund on 2011/10/28 0:51:24

Thanks again everybody...

So I've learned that my copy of SD is first impression--title page looks exactly like the one Trotter uploaded (thanks for taking the time!), that is without the number line remy also describes.

Well then, anybody own a second impression (UK hardcover) copy who can enlighten us as to whether "be" was indeed changed to "me"?

BTW, would one actually find this kind of very detailed information in the Hammond/Anderson Bibliography, I mean do they really record every single misprint or other error of any kind that was ever noted and subsequently corrected (or not, as may be)?? For example, would it answer this specific question?

I've been thinking of buying the Descriptive Bibliography before (a standard work I know), but it's a little bit on the pricey side if you're not quite the serious collector...anybody have a copy they wanna sell at a low price? ;) Juuust kidding.


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