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Re: A Tolkien Tapestry (Special Edition)

Subject: Re: A Tolkien Tapestry (Special Edition)
by Stu on 2011/12/11 18:02:25

garm wrote:
After wasting so much time and energy chasing this book, I have given up. Harper Collins take note; all it takes is several weeks of no information, followed by a week or so of hectic enquiries (the result of which seems to be that the publishers have lost the signed copies) for me to say, 'That's enough! '

Sorry, Trotter - I wouldn't trust this lot to tell me whether or not it's raining! I went and got myself a copy of the standard, unsigned edition, and I Do Not Care whether I have a CB sig, or not.

Enough is enough.

I would suggest that anyone who wants the signed books just sticks with their order from Amazon.co.uk and relaxes. You will either get the book at some point or not (in which case you can cancel the order). Or alternatively, just order from HC - again, they will either be able to supply or not. I definitely don't think it is worth getting stressed about.

My Amazon.co.uk order has been pushed out to expected delivery early-mid January, but that date could just be completely arbitrary, of course. If I don't end up getting the book, I won't lose too much sleep.

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