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the Yorkshire Studies for Celtic studies

Subject: the Yorkshire Studies for Celtic studies
by Dior on 2011/12/27 19:51:56

A while ago I received a booklet from the 1933 -34 session. Tolkien is listed as an honorary member and his lexture on 'Celts and Teutons - Early Times' is listed.

I have tried to find minutes covering the 1929 session however the 33-34 seems to be the earliest publication from this society. The Companion and guide has Celts and Teutons being published in The Gryphon in 1929 under the title Celts and Teutons in the Early World, but I can't find any reference to minutes being published by the Yorkshire Society for Celtic Studies, although my eyes would only allow a quick flick through the Companion and Guide.

Has anyone come across a copy of the 1929 session or did they not get published?

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