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Re: The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth - on the cover

Subject: Re: The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth - on the cover
by Beren on 2012/1/29 13:02:42

The paperback was released separately in 1975 with the title on the cover, the first known box holding this book was in 1976 and this box is from 1977 (can't see if which exactly, since there are different boxes in my collection with different states of the hobbit in there). So if you want to know when the "title" first appeared on the cover of a book - that is in 1975. But might need to see if there is any earlier edition of The Tolkien Reader that also holds this title... but not that I'm aware of.

Just a question... why are we discussing when it first appeared on the cover of a book? This tale was published in 1953 and maybe over 100 times since then...
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