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Re: 4-Book Tolkien Deluxe Edition Collection Set from HC

Subject: Re: 4-Book Tolkien Deluxe Edition Collection Set from HC
by Stu on 2012/1/31 2:47:33

Beren wrote:
no indeed they are not 1/1/1/1 - some are 1/1/1/2 some 1/1/1/3 but since they are all closed in original boxes is hard to check. They originally made 500 sets, filling them up with the remainder of the deluxe editions. Since then another batch was made, so far I think that was again 500 but need to ask to be certain.

Difference will be probably that inside sit later impression - that must be it.

Thanks for that - Gotta love HC with their limited editions that are only limited right up to them printing another batch. I guess that the only volumes that could be of later editions in the second batch would be LOTR and The Hobbit as IIRC CoH and Sil only have one printing thus far anyway.
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