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Re: The Silmarillion 1982 Super Deluxe #90 [eBay]

Subject: Re: The Silmarillion 1982 Super Deluxe #90 [eBay]
by Khamûl on 2012/2/16 14:50:51

Hmm... I'm not really sure if I'm too bothered garm. A bookbinder would surely have to pull it apart; replace endpapers etc? Even if this was all good, any future (although unlikely, as I won't sell it) buyer would be seriously put off by the knowledge that it had been restored in this (or "some", if this was poorly communicated) way.

If you were mad enough to grab it by the spine & shake it --these pages wouldn't come out. They're pretty well held in just by the pressure of neighbouring pages & the pressure of the gutter. Remember, it's not a loose leaf --it's a sheet; two leaves attached together --the fold is still deep in the gutter, well held in place just by the natural shape of the binding.

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