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Re: Early Hobbit Edition on Ebay

Subject: Re: Early Hobbit Edition on Ebay
by laurel on 2012/2/26 11:43:13

Hello and welcome to the forum
This is a nice book but must admit personally not my favourite edition of the Hobbit. This being said still collectable and a handsome find indeed assuming you didnt pay a massive amount for it.

I think you will find the damage will put many hardent fans off as it looks like it really needs rebinding to me along with some work /clean to some pages. In itself rebinding is not every ones cup of tea but i would personally always see a book rebound and saved rather than otherwise.

Value? well the damage I would say will a have a big effect and for me I think your opening price is a fair bit optomistic especially as it would cost a bit to get rebound etc. But ebay being ebay you never know. Id say have a go but be prepared to reduce by quite a bit to get a sale.

Hope you get a good price.