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HC Hobbit Deluxe Edition (2004)

Subject: HC Hobbit Deluxe Edition (2004)
by Stu on 2012/4/25 21:06:34

Whilst in my local bookshop, I spotted a copy of the 2004 HC Deluxe Edition of the Hobbit. Figuring it to be a reprint, I picked it up for a closer look (as I have never seen a reprint of it before in person). I was surprised to see that it is actually very different to the first printing.

* The green is brighter (and less attractive, IMHO).
* The boards and slipcase have much less texture to the paper, lending a cheaper look to the book.
* The sheets are much less white and the paper is rougher.
* It is printed by "Printing Systems, Hong Kong".

Note that there is no indication to suggest that it is anything other than a 1st print (which it clearly isn't, so HC are being naughty here).

Overall, nowhere near as nice is the old LEGO, Spa version of the same book.


Edit: Given that this was supposed to be available for a "Limited Time Only", it is about time they stopped churning these out! Sigh.
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