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Re: Assistance required

Subject: Re: Assistance required
by remy on 2006/6/14 16:23:25

Don't know what happened to the last post. Trying again....

Hi Deagol,

With regards to the 2nd Edition Lord of the Rings. Here is the info from the Volumes I have published between 1968 and 1978

1971 ROTK6th Imp. Price Sticker stating ‘£2.25 net George Allen & Unwin’
Under the Price Sticker there is a Printed Price (or Possibly another Price Sticker) which I can barely make out. It definitely starts with a 1 and ends in a 5. I think it is £1.25, but could be Wrong. The Price Sticker could be correcting a misprinted price or maybe an increase in price at some point before the 7th Impression was issued in 1973.
Printed by Jarrold & Sons.

1973 TTT7th Imp. £2.50 William Clowes (3rd DJ Design)
1973 ROTK7th Imp. £2.50 William Clowes (3rd DJ Design)

1974 FOTR8th Imp. £2.75 William Clowes
1974 TTT8th Imp. £2.75 William Clowes
1974 ROTK8th Imp. £2.75 William Clowes

1978 FOTR10th Imp. £4.95 William Clowes

1978 ROTK10th Imp. Price Sticker stating ‘£5.50 net George Allen & Unwin’. No Sign of a Printed Price. Printed by Unwin Brothers

Then from the 1978 Lord of the Rings Boxset

1978 FOTR 10th Imp. £4.95 William Clowes
1978 TTT9th Imp. £4.95 William Clowes
1978 ROTK9th Imp. £4.95 William Clowes

Hope this info is of some help.
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