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Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun SuperDuluxe - Warning re storage

Subject: Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun SuperDuluxe - Warning re storage
by Stu on 2012/10/7 14:35:54

Just a warning that you may wish to store your S&G SD editions flat, rather than vertical in a bookshelf. I pulled mine out of the bookshelf yesterday and found that the tray part of the traycase has moved slightly outward at the top, and slightly downward. The book has not been particularly exposed to excess heat or humidity, but the glue used to bond the tray onto the outer clam is actually quite thick and elastic.

It is a totally repairable problem by completely de-bonding the tray and gluing it back in the correct position using a sensible adhesive (which I will do at some point), but others might wish to check their books and store differently to avoid the issue occurring. Fortunately, my unopened one has been stored flat.

Needless to say, disappointing on a GBP 250 book that has been stored in a humidity controlled environment.