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Re: Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun SuperDuluxe - Warning re storage

Subject: Re: Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun SuperDuluxe - Warning re storage
by Stu on 2012/10/8 4:33:36

OK, I fixed it. The existing glue can easily be cut by gently prizing the the tray from the outer clam and carefully cutting the stretched glue with a sharp kitchen knife. It comes away quite easily, but the glue remains amazingly tacky and elastic and will re-bond if the two sides come back into contact. The underside of the tray (that you can't normally see) is completely coated with leather and then glued to the clam using a square bead of adhesive with a single vertical line of additional adhesive running down the centre. The adhesive is a kind of thick clear mastic that is totally unsuitable for the task!

I simply added some double-sided tape and stuck the tray back in the right place (needs care to get it just right so it opens and closes correctly). The existing glue remains very sticky and re-bonds immediately. I hope the tape will just provide the additional support to keep it all in the right place, given the stretchiness of the existing glue.

If not, I'll be rolling out the epoxy!