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Book containing International Illustrations or Artwork for Tolkien Books

Subject: Book containing International Illustrations or Artwork for Tolkien Books
by dunedain on 2012/10/9 14:00:12

I received this enquiry thru my web site, and was unable to help this gentlemen. Here is his question,

"I kindly like to ask you about a book that I saw in the Bristol public library. Unfortunately nobody there could tell me the name of the book and I cannot go there and take a look on my own because I live in Switzerland. It is a kind of compilation of Art work of Tolkien editions (Lord of the rings and/or The Hobbit including covers of these books) from all over the world. I remember illustrations of the editions of Russia, Japan, Hungary, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, France, some Scandinavian countries etc. So it really showed a big variety of international illustrations of Tolkiens work. The format of the book was approximately around A 4 and a few centimeters thick. It was not an illustrated copy nor was it Art work by Tolkien himself (maybe it contains a few of his drawings though)."

Any help would be appreciated

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