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Re: First Edition Silmarillion?

Subject: Re: First Edition Silmarillion?
by Trotter on 2013/1/4 9:59:38

The good news is that it is a first edition of the UK Silmarillion.

These were issued in very high numbers and also there are different printers for the first printing (Billings or Clowes). You can see the printer under the page that says First published in 1977.

If it says Clowes then there are another couple of points to look at, collectors tend to prefer the Clowes printing as it is felt to be an earlier version than the Billinsg version.

I have no idea who the signature is, probably the original owner, and this would detract from value.

The serial number appears to be 1st £20.

I would think it is probably worth between £5-£15 pounds, could be more if it is a Clowes copy, but not much.
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