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1969 India Paper LOTR single volume first edition

Subject: 1969 India Paper LOTR single volume first edition
by notasweetman on 2013/3/9 4:28:41

I first read Lord of the Rings in the mid 60's and loved it so much that my mother bought me this edition as a gift in 1969. She died recently and left me the same book. I read it back then, so this is not a pristine edition. It is complete, with its slip case, maps intact and in place.

Internally the first pages up to page 12 have slightly turned corners as are pages 1153 to the end, and page 17/18 was incompletely cut as it was bound folded. The rest of the interior is in good condition, speckled green at the edges with no foxing. The red elvish text on page 63 is stunning. The black and grey end papers are good and unmarked.

The slip case and covers have not lasted so well. The case is complete and original but battered. The covers are quite foxed and the front design has something smeared on it. I blame my 17 yr old self.

I wonder whether it can be, or should be restored, or of there is anyone out there who has any information that would be of help.