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Re: Children of Hurin Bookplates (Quantities and Editions)

Subject: Re: Children of Hurin Bookplates (Quantities and Editions)
by Urulöké on 2007/4/18 7:08:37

I have seen a lot of confirmation on the 450 number for New York. They were all in trade copies, none in deluxe copies that I have heard of. Those deluxe copies in the UK are going to be quite scarce I think!

So far, about 15 copies have sold of the US trade edition on eBay through Buy-It-Now (BIN). One lucky soul beat me out to the $55 copy, a few went for about $125-150, and they have sold for as high as $350. There are about a dozen online right now with no BIN that have bids around $60 or so - I expect those will rise before the auctions end.

There is a steady stream onto eBay, so expect a lot more copies, and a lot of fluctuation in price (up or down). Let me know if anyone sees UK copies (trade or deluxe) hit eBay!
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