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Re: Children of Hurin Bookplates (Quantities and Editions)

Subject: Re: Children of Hurin Bookplates (Quantities and Editions)
by Trotter on 2007/4/21 23:44:52


They were right in front of me in the queue, I am actually in the picture of the book signing at the top right at the back of the picture.

http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dl ... dexURL=4#ebayphotohosting

This is the family that bought at least one copy each of both books and I think there were five of them.

Waterstone's may have made a 'mistake' in putting the bookplates in the Deluxe Version, and this would explain why there are no US Deluxe copies.

Waterstones had no books with the bookplates in, Waterstone's staff inserted them. If I take what they have said as being true, then they had not realised when I passed that they should not put bookplates in both books, so you are looking at a lot more than eight books.

So two possibilities.

1 - Waterstone's made a mistake, probably 20-30 Deluxe copies with bookplates exist.
2 - They did not make a mistake, I still think they had about 200 bookplates in total and I would guess 1/3 went into the Deluxe books, about 65 books.
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