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Re: Forged signed CoH showing up on eBay now

Subject: Re: Forged signed CoH showing up on eBay now
by Elwë on 2007/4/24 7:11:12

I was indeed troubled by the nature of the bookplate. It does look incredibly easy to reproduce in facsimile. One must wonder how many other fakes are out there already. Collecting autographs is always risky. I am partial to the limited and numbered deluxe editions that have been released in the past. These would seem much more difficult to fake, since these books are specifically made to be released as signed/deluxe copies, thus none exist which are unsigned.

I have sent reports to EBay for both the book and the bookplates that were listed. I wonder how EBay determines whether the signatures are forged. Do they just base their decision on receiving a multitude of complaints, or do they have to prove it further in order to suspend this guy's account? The signed book was very obvious, but unless you were a Tolkien collector, the plates might be more difficult to disprove. I have certainly never seen anything like them and would be skeptical based simply on their random nature as well as the timing.
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