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Re: Dodgy Children of Hurin Bookplates on Ebay

Subject: Re: Dodgy Children of Hurin Bookplates on Ebay
by Metapraxis on 2007/6/21 0:21:55

The US Deluxe one one eBay doesn't look quite right. The lines on the helm look a bit too thick and black (not as bad as the obviously dodgy ones on eBay a few weeks ago). Fairly unscientifically, I took a picture of a good one and shrank it down to the same size as the image from the US Deluxe on eBay. The image of the 'good one' that I shrank down still had much finer lines than the photo of the US Deluxe exhibits. It may indeed be genuine, but I wouldn't personally risk it...

I think on the whole that any of the bookplated CoHs are a truly bad investment for anyone that didn't get one at the launch. In the future no one is going to trust their authenticity, so all you really have is a $30 - $60 book in a fairly uninspiring binding (even the deluxes are a fairly bland-looking book compared to the various pre-2004 UK deluxe editions) with bit of dubious paper stuck in it.

Just my opinion, though - and I appreciate that it doesn't count for much :)
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