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Re: Help with History of Middle Earth Deluxe Editions (2000)

Subject: Re: Help with History of Middle Earth Deluxe Editions (2000)
by Elwë on 2007/5/29 7:40:16

Hello, Urza. Over the past few months, a few of these things have sold on eBay. There was a shrinkwrapped copy of volume 2 that sold for $300USD, an opened copy of vol2 for $270USD and a couple of opened copies of volume 3 that sold for $180 to $200 USD. The last time I saw a copy of volume 1 sell on eBay, it went for about $450USD. These are all auction style prices which I think is a good gauge for what you could get if you wanted to sell soon. It is truly a reflection of what people are willing to pay. However, if you have time on your hands and are willing to wait a while, some of the other venues (like Amazon Sellers, Abe Books, eBay fixed price) might get you more money. I have seen the volume 2 on eBay at a fixed price of 300GBP. It has been there for a little while now. I personally think that is too high, but hey, if someone is willing to pay.......

Good luck!
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