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Re: Looking for someone with a 15th impression of The Hobbit

Subject: Re: Looking for someone with a 15th impression of The Hobbit
by skwishmi on 2007/7/22 15:59:13

Oh crumbs... I wrote a reply to this a few days back, but I guess the server kicked it. Here's a quick attempt at reproducing it...

Thanks for the reply!
That wiki was the source used to come to the conclusion that it was a 14th - I should have qualified my statement to say that it conforms in all measurable respects... it's library bound. All the identifiers are missing, altered, or not unique to a 14th - except for page 315. It's not my usual collection purchase, but I just couldn't leave it sitting there...

Like I said, I'm pretty sure... but my thought was to compare it to the next printing, which is known not to have a frontispiece, and if no inconsistencies exist I would feel certain. Perhaps an American printer is credited in 15-17, or the measurement on page 315 is definitive..? Anybody know?

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