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Re: What do you read?

Subject: Re: What do you read?
by skwishmi on 2007/7/22 15:38:19

Oh how fun!

My reading copy of The Hobbit is a Book Club 50th Collector's Edition - this is really only read out loud to kids, so I wanted something that looks very special (but isn't really).

I completely thrashed my dad's early 70's Lord of the Rings paperbacks as a teenager, stole them when I moved out, and finally passed what was left of them on a few years ago. Now it's an early US 2ed. set - which I love for the great gold lettering on the spines, and the Eyes of Sauron in colored foil to match the topstain. The covers look great but there are no jackets and other flaws - I have another set of these that are not read, though really I think the readers look better on the shelf - what was up with the awful jackets on those gorgeous books, anyway?

Maybe I'm an oddball in the collecting world - I read hardcovers, and most of my reading copies of other Tolkien titles are first printings that were just like new when purchased (I can hear you cringing ). The reason really is that my collection is less about age, rarity or market value and more about attractive presentation...

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